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  • Event Date: Friday 14th July 2017.
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It's a 3 mile race around the village.

It has always been thought that it was founded in 1951 by Walter Platts (Grenoside Resident), as this is how far back we have records for (but we now know it didn't - see below)

3 years ago a couple came to Grenoside (they live in Stroud, Gloucestershire) with a trophy called the "Great Grenoside Steeplechase" which was first engraved 1870. The trophy had been passed down the generations in their family (Birch family - an old Grenoside Family) after a relation of theirs won the race for 3 years on the trot in the 1870's and so got to keep the trophy. This trophy is solid silver so we do not let the winner keep this now. The winners name is engraved on this silver trophy and the winner gets a trophy they can keep

The chase as we know it ran from 1950-1992 organised by various members of the Platts family. It then stopped because of work commitments. However, Matthew Platts then asked Peter Hughes (a former chase winner from 1963 - when he was the youngest ever winner at age 12 - and still is) to start the chase up again. So the chase was resurrected and started up again in 2002.

Until 2006 the races started and finished outside one of the pubs in the village (Old Harrow, Angel, Old Red Lion and Working Mens Club) each year taking a turn to host the chase. But safety concerns forced the committee to move the events start and finish into Grenoside park.

In 2012 we accepted entries from Club Runners (AAA) for the first time. But we kept their race separate from the Non Club runners.

The race has always been handicapped in 30 second blocks until this year when all runners have started at the same time, so that everyone gets the same chance of winning.

This year we also integrated the race for Non Club and Club runners so that everyone set off at the same time.

The kids races were not introduced again until 2006, and this time children could enter from age 5 upwards to 13. Previously you could not enter until you were 8 and upwards.

This year we have also introduced kids races for age 4 yrs after popular requests.

All runners receive a medal for participating and everyone's name goes into the programme.

For the past 4 years we have chosen charities to raise money for. We have helped, Cash for Kids, Weston Park Teenage Cancer Unit, Help for Heroes, MacMillan Cancer Support and the Sheffield Children's Hospital

We aim as much as possible for the chase to be a 'Village Event' and so the presentations are held on the Village Green (opposite the Angel & Old Harrow Pubs) and we have live music from bands or DJs. This gets everyone back up to the pubs to socialise.

We are not profit making and therefore have to rely on sponsorship and for the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to have received sponsorship from Mandeep Singh of Singh stores and Daryl Biggins of DJ Skip Hire who have both provided valued sponsorship to promote and start the event up each year and assist in the purchasing of trophies.